Stealth 2.0 Fender Install?

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  • I had issues. It was when I still had stock shocks. My issue was that the wiring harness got rubbed by the tire enough to unplug the cord going back to the light on the plate. I took a "lay down" licence plate holder and bent it in a vise to give enough angle to clear the fender. It cleaned up the rear end nicely, and works great. I have QA1's now, and have had zero issues since. Ignore the Christmas decor, this was taken Saturday at the Christmas parade in Laporte, In......

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  • Many thanks to all for advice and pictures. Vern: great paint've given me an idea on painting mine. Goats_Hogs: I like your lic tag up under the tail section and will try to install mine that way. I have shortened it already and if it doesn't fit I think I can make something out of aluminum.

    Vendor said they did not recommend removing the lic plate holder on the fender "as it is part of the kit and helps hold everything together in place." Do you guys see any reason why it can't be removed? Vendor also said it likely wouldn't work with the wider 315 tire that I have on now.

    I believe it will.

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  • I had mine hit a couple times and crumpled the plate. I decided the easiest solution was to angle the plate out at the bottom. I used some washers on the mount itself to angle it, then bent the plate a bit more. This increased clearance, but also makes any future hits less damaging as the plate will hit flat and bend out farther rather than getting crumpled.