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  • Thank you all for the happy birthday posts!

    I have mentioned dieting on here before but I never tackeled it with all my effort....I figure if I want to make it to a few more birthdays I will HAVE TO drop some weight. I have talked to Allison this morning and I told her I would go on a "no joke" "no cheating" diet the Monday after I get back from Maggie Valley. I have waited all year to eat BBQ, drink beer, and have fun. The way I see it is that I have made it to age 45 so a couple weeks more won't kill me hopefully. I will start a thread in the off topic section and keep up with what I eat each day on it... I will post a picture of the display on the scale once a week. My guess is that I weight 355 today. Which is what I have weighed for years and years. But I am not actually weighing till I get back from the event.

    I will make the thread so that it doesn't update the dashboard and people don't get a notice each time I post something. It would drive people nuts seeing each time I add that I have drank a bottle of Crystal Lite. I may even make it so that I am the only person that can post in that thread. That would keep it organized and on track. Allison is currently on the Atkins diet and has lost a bunch of weight on it. And it helps that I like that diet as well. So after SSITS there will be no more sugar and bread and potatoes and crackers and rice. Just meat, eggs, and cheese...

    Anyway..... yall didn't start this thread for me to ramble about a diet. So thanks again everyone for the posts.....

  • Do like my Dr tells me - "if it tastes good - spit it out" ;(:00008172: I haven't got very good at it :(

    I might not be right but I can sure sound like it

  • Well... I love every ounce of that body of yours! <3

    Let me know if you'd like me to have a diet plan crafted for both you and Allison (my ex-wife is a nutritionist and wouldn't mind). PM me if you want to discuss it further! :thumbup:

  • hope ya stick to it..it's all about health, carry less weight helps joints and trust me you will feel better all around :thumbup: ...We're not getting any younger X/ !!!!

    I Have No more toys, just memories.... :/