Painting Body Panels

Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.
  • STEP 1 ::

    Clean part with Wax&Grease remover. Put it on and wipe off before it dries! Next, use a 'Squirt' of Dawn in some warm water- soak 220 wet sandpaper for 15 minutes and proceed to wet sand keeping it wet and wiping the residue off frequently.

  • Then you MUST wash the dust off and I mean SCRUB it clean! It will turn shiny until it dries.
    All sanding dust fron and back removed!
    You will notice a little filler on the hood. When removing emblems they may come off without damage or the may be stuck too tight to the uncured paint as was the case on this hood. Only use catalized fillers and sand completely smooth to the original paint surface.

  • It takes 5 hours to be dry enough to be 'dust free' . I'm baking at 150 degrees for 2.5 hours because I need the booth for other parts!

    Still not done! Next will come 'color sanding and buffing. Later.

  • If you are painting the plastic panels, the same steps are used except you will not color sand or buff and you should use an adhesion promoter on the plastic before priming with the epoxy.

    Don't make the mistake and get cheap quality paint products but instead use a namebrand automotive urethane.

    Practice on something small first to get the hang of spraying. If the paint comes in a spray can it is more than likely enamel and not a good choice! !!!!

    Feel free to private message me if you have any questions and I'll try to answer best I can.

  • First let me say its an honor to just have my work at the bottom of a thread that painter created.....

    @Painter if your adding more of your work to this thread ill move my post to the bottom.... Just go ahead and add whatever you want to... When your done I'll make sure they are all grouped at the top together....

    Thank you @Painter. That one of the best how to articles I have seen on painting the SS.

    I can only add one thing that came back to bite me on the butt. Make sure you scuff every part in every crevice. It is so important. I absolutely HATE sanding the plastic under the hoops.. And it is the place where it counts the most.. If you miss a spot and you don't scuff it all. IT WILL CHIP OFF. The paint will have no way to BITE... I didn't sand down into the screw holes that well on the hoop plastics and it popped a spot when the screw went in. I had to sand and repaint the whole piece....

    And if you think painting it is hard,,,,,,, Wait till you have to fix a screw up that could have been prevented in the first place.

    AND DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING AFTER YOU WIPE IT ALL DOWN WITH GREASE AND WAX REMOVER! Even if you think you have the cleanest and driest oil free fingers, DON'T DO IT.

    This is the hand of someone who needs to stop picking up parts and painting them. I am wondering how much I love everyone here on the forum....Should I post my actual paint colors and mix formula... :D

    This is a pearl white color with a lot of pearl in it.. Then top coated with a satin/matte clear coat. ( and thanks for the tip @Painter on what works best for that application.)