So, do we have any new members from Manitoba on these forums yet?

  • I know we have a few Slings running around MB. I am in Treherne.

    There is on in the Carman Area. Macgregor, Neepawa and Virden.

    There are also a few in Winnipeg.

    But try as I might, I have yet to run into you guys yet. So wondering if you have at least made it to the most popular Slingshot Forums on the Net.

    Here's hoping this year will be different.

  • Slingshots in Canada are a myth just like Big Foot. There are lots of reported sightings but very few pictures that would hold up to scientific scrutiny. As the search for Sasquatch continues so will your obsession with finding another Slingshot. I could recommend my psychiatrist she has been helping me deal with this anxiety and fixation about looking for a Slingshot. I find alcohol in moderation does not help.