/FF/ Twin Turbo Slingshot

  • Was attempting to keep this under wraps until complete but it seems the word is out so might as well capitalize on the advertising =D

    Basic rundown of components:

    Twin Garrett GTX2860's, BB, 0.57 a/r v-band inlet/outlet exhaust housings, GTX billet compressor wheels
    Twin Tial MVS-38 external gates
    Tial Q BOV
    /FF/ Billet Intercooler
    /FF/ Billet Intake manifold
    /FF/ Exhaust manifold
    /FF/ Dual 2.5" downpipes
    /FF/ Rear exit exhaust
    /FF/ E85 fuel system - Dual Walbro 400's intank on /FF/ billet hanger, 8an feed to rail, /FF/ billet fuel rail, Aeromotive A1000 fuel pressure regulator
    Haltech Elite Standalone
    Haltech IQ3 dash display
    Injector Dynamics ID1300 injectors
    /FF/ spec high compression - 8,000rpm built longblock

    In it's final phase looking for 600whp on E85, traction via Bob's Bullet Quad and a pair of 345's on the back. I'll update as we go - turbo setup, standalone, and fuel system will be going on 100% stock motor first to see where we can get, once it pops we'll swap out the motors and go back for more!



  • That thing is gorgeous...

    CO D12

    Hahn SST stage 2X PRP Seats Sparco Steering Wheel (Not SLR) w/ NRG 3.0 Quick release Canadian Headlight R-Shot Accessories Windscreen Rear Protection Plate by Slinglow NASCAR Windshield Kenwood Double DIN SSV head pods with Polk DB 6.5"s SSV Works Subwoofer enclosure w/10" JL Audio Kenwood Amps Slingshot Side Storage 11 Piece Mat Kit TD Canvas top TD lip spoiler 22" Asanti Wheels TD sway bar TD shifter boot cover & parking brake Graphics by AMR Racing QA1 front TrakHamr rear

  • But just to be fair...... We have to see what it does on the dyno and on the road. :D:D

    I'm sure it will be like my setup... WAAAAAAAY to much for a single back tire.... :thumbsup:

    However,,,, I did see where you were teaming all that with a pair of them from Bob's Bullet Quad

    I like those Injector Dynamics 1300CC injectors for the E-85. You can really throw the fuel to it with E-85. I don't have that luxury. E-85 isn't really in Alabama.

    It is going to be a pricey setup with all those goodies..... But as I have found, speed and power are never inexpensive. If they are, your doing it wrong.... :D

  • Very KOOOOL.... darn it - now I am going to have to convince DDMWorks to do a twin supercharger now.... Brother Dave... Dave@DDMWorks Just joking.... Nice work! keep pushing the envelope and possibilities...this is good stuff.


  • Incredible Art al the way around ..

  • DUDE!!! THEY ARE PURPLE!!! I want them just because of that!!!!

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