Painter's Posse to SSITS17

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  • With SSITS17 only a few months away it is time to start planning. Painter and I have mapped out a route from Indianapolis to Maggie Valley for anyone who wants to join us on our journey.

    @'Painter''s Posse currently consists of: @'SlingRider', @Slingrazor, @okc super ss, @EjFord, @scootertrash, @Bootsie, @#Savannahstrong, @Super Bee, @supermoto292, @WOLF, @Black ops, @Zuse, @adventure4me, @Travis, @bjk81, @Maverick5990, @gpcustoms, and @KYJoe57 (last fuel stop). All are welcome to join us and I will be starting a message thread of riders for all of us to pass info, etc..

    • We will be leaving on Monday May 29th.
    • Route starts at the Bob Evan’s at 4441 Southport Crossings Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46237 (I65 S at Southport Rd exit). We will be meeting for breakfast at 8:00am.
    • We will leave Bob Evans at 9:00am heading south on I65 to Louisville KY. We will stop at the Circle K at 7201 FEGENBUSH LN, LOUISVILLE, KY 40228 for gas. From there, we will drive to lunch at Slunglow’s place, Hitching Post Inn at 7314 Fegenbush Ln, Louisville, KY 40228. We are looking forward to lunch and an enjoyable time with great people!! We will leave at approximately 1:00pm.
    • After lunch, we will take I64E to I75S to our next stop in Corbin, KY at the Pilot Gas Center at 249 W CUMBERLAND GAP PKWY, CORBIN, KY 40701. This will be a quick stop and to gas up. (The location could change if they do not have 93octane for all the SC in the group). We will arrive at the Pilot at approximately 3:30pm (Indy time). This is where we leave the interstate route.
    • We should be back on the road (leaving the Pilot station) by 4:00pm (can you imagine getting that many SS out of a gas station with no questions. Ha).
    • From the Pilot, we will drive 25E all the way to our next gas stop at Zoomers at 905 COSBY HWY, NEWPORT, TN 37821.
    • Zoomers will be our last stop prior to reaching the Comfort Inn in Maggie Valley. My guess is we will be at Zoomers around 6:00pm(ish) and leave from there around 6:30pm.
    • From Zoomers we will take I40 S to US-276 S/Jonathan Creek Rd via EXIT 20.
    • From there we will go to Soco Rd/US-19 S and on to Comfort Inn/Maggie Valley! If all goes as planned, we should arrive in MV around 7:30pm.

    Total Drive time is around 7.5 hours with total trip time around 11.5 hours. I have included the MapQuest route for anyone that wants to meet up on the way.

    Route to SSITS17.pdf


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  • What day are you guys leaving?

    President, Slingshot Owners Group

  • That's 10 more hours of getting to drive the SS!

    I wish, momma says we're trailering the sling. She would be alright if no rain, but she hates cold and rain. This past spring, we did a make wish ride, for a little guy who was awesome, and on the way there, we hit rain, freezing rain and snow. It sucked, now, I think she has PTSD :rolleyes:

  • Hope to be a posse member in 2018! :thumbup:

    Not making it to SSITS 2017, but the Mrs. has approved a trip to see Jim in July... So, 2018... If I only get approved for one event... It'll be this one!