• Lol brilliant!

    And your home is beautiful too! That yard... You must have dogs... If not, get some!

    Well, if and when you make it over to the UK, look us up. You'll always have somewhere to stay. :thumbup:
    No dogs but we do have a couple of cats, and a very friendly Peacock (owned by one of the neighbours) that keeps taking a stroll around our garden.

    All the best, from UK_Paul

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  • Chris Harris and Rory Reid being primary presenters along with Matt LeBlanc is going to be nice. Rory has a lot of personality and Chris is pretty much an angry robot with it comes to giving reviews. I hope they kind of deviate from the current format and give it a little more originality...but I know I will keep watching it...I have committed 23 seasons so far...what's another right?

    Sling go bye bye... Starting to think I need to buy another one and start a new project...

  • @Br4hm4 couldn't agree more. This season is looking to be pretty good. I knew from last season that Rory and Chris did so well I know they were destined for more time.

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  • We are just happy Chris Evans is gone :)

    It's amazing. He was awful in that show. He sure is a real Petrol Head but it just was not right with him (and he knew it). He has the highest ratings national radio show 5 days a week and is excellent in that, he used to host an evening show. along the lines of the David Letterman Show. where he interviewed singers, bands, celebrities etc. and he also had an enormous following with that show.
    - TFI Friday - Wikipedia -
    Fortunately he was big enough to realise Top Gear was not a show, that was working, for/with him. Let's all hope for an improvement in the new series.

    All the best, from UK_Paul

  • All - please write @UK_Paul & send care packages to him as he will be incarcerated for quite some time...

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    They closed down, an enormous barn, that was being used for production, just a few miles away from my home, a short time ago.

    And, when asked, the farmers always tell you, that their poly-tunnels are only used for growing strawberries, in this part of the country. :00006725:

    All the best, from UK_Paul

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  • Man @UK_Paul even your prisons are Castles. You are living the dream. Going to prison is probably the least expensive Castle living experience. What is something I could do that gets me a free six month stay? ;)

    A speeding offence in a SlingShot, could do it if you upset the judge. (30+ mph, over the speed limit, may do it).

    You may have to try a little harder, if you want to stay in this one though

    All the best, from UK_Paul