Tech Expert Contact - See who you can contact for help

  • Hey boys and girls. I thought it would be great to see who would volunteer to answer questions from other members with your expertise with SlingShots. You know, kinda of who is the "go to guy or gal" with your questions of technical stuff?

    So, if you'd like to drop your hat into the ring for any of the following areas where you would be willing to entertain PM's or emails from those that might not be willing to post in an open forum, please state the category in which you're expertise is and the best way to contact you.

    You could have expertise in a category but maybe need to define a sub-category, if so, please do.

    The purpose here is to list all who have the expertise in an area that someone may want to contact offline to ask a question.

    Mods, if this is in the wrong forum or deemed not allowed, my apologies up front and please redeem me :)


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    I know it appears to be a short list, but all expertise should fit into one of the categories, just add a sub-category of your choosing, for example "Electrical - Radio" or "Engine - CAI".

    Am always open to suggestions or pros and cons on this.

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  • Well so much for that idea...

    You had a great idea.
    The beauty of the forum is the collective knowledge that is readily available from the whole of the forum. The fact no one posted their expertise shows the value we all place in each other.
    Just post up the questions and who ever is online will share their knowledge.

  • The biggest problem (and it's one hell of an idea you came up with) is that Rabtech, Noel Hughes and DDM will be listed on all the categories

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