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  • Sort of temperature related - We've had temps in the mid-to-high 90s with humidity-adjusted temps closer to 105 for most of the past two weeks here in the Houston area. My electric bills had run around $200/month max for the last 2 years under my old electricity provider, so when I received my first bill from the new provider and it was almost $400, I decided to switch to a provider ( who charges a flat $9.99 monthly membership and buys electricity for its members on the spot-market. Due to extreme demand, Texas set a new state-wide record for electricity consumption, briefly driving the spot market to $9/kwh a few days before I switched, driving some bills to over $300 for a 2-week period. My first day on the new plan, we used 141 kwh at a cost of $26 (plus grid costs and taxes). When I realized we had used around $35 worth of electricity once all costs and taxes were included, I was close to panicking like some others had and was seriously considering switching providers. I switched my pool and AC to run primarily during non-peak hours and, with the less drastic spot-market prices we've seen during the 5 days I've been with Griddy, My daily wholesale costs have run $26.01, $3.35, $4.22, $2.85 and $2.48, with my All-IN delivered costs for 687 kwh have averaged out to 12 cents/kwh, which is about what I would have been paying with my old provider, but I hope to save even more long-term. I 'll just need to keep an eye on what happens to the wholesale market in case we have anymore serious market fluctuations that will force me back to a fixed price plan. I do miss my older provider, who offered pricing closer to 7-8 cents per kwh, but it looks like those times are gone now. Time will tell how my wholesale market experiment goes.

    141 kWh for 2 weeks!! $35!!!

    those are numbers I could only dream about. Last month, July, our house used 2,283 kWh of power and had we not installed solar in 2016 we would have been looking at a bill of close to a thousand dollars. And this is for a 1,650 sq foot home

    fortunately for the same month our 59 solar panels generated 2,694 kWh of power, and with it being the last month of our billing year with Edison they ended up sending us a check for $65 - - our only regular monthly bill is usually around 5$ to 10$ for taxes and the privileged of being connected to their grid

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