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  • I'm feeling a little better, for a while now, so Elaine (my wife) and I have he added off to North Wales, for a few days.

    We haven't taken the SlingShot, with us, as it has a wind chill of -7'C (19'F) on the mountains, in this area, tonight.

    The national emberlum, of Wales is a red Dragon.

    We are stopping, in a lovely, small, old, coaching inn.
    Ty Gwyn Coaching Inn, Betws y Coed – Take a step back in time and enjoy the charm and ambience coupled with modern comforts in this 16th century Inn

    The rooms are great, this is our one.

    Right now we are downstairs, in the lounge/bar area having our evening meal. The food is absolutely fantastic.

    Earlier in the day we took a trip out, to an area that sent slate, all over the British Empire. The slate was transported down to the coast, on a narrow gage railway and we took a ride on it, with some great views.
    Ffestiniog Railway - Wikipedia

    The area that we are stopping in is called Snowdonia
    Snowdonia - Wikipedia
    Tis is a mountainous region, in North Wales. The pricice area where we are staying is called "Betwy-Y-Coed."
    Pronounced a Lillie like: "Betts Ee Co-Edd." Yes Welsh is a lovely language, but it doesn't have many vowel, in the words (sometimes, none at all) and requires a lot of flem, when talking, in it.
    Betws-y-Coed Accommodation and Information for Snowdonia and North Wales

    And while someone new every day experiences the joy that comes with being told that the Welsh word for 'microwave' is 'popty ping', the actual, official,word, meicrodon, is just as fantastic, especially since it could be describing a very small mafia boss

    All the best, from UK_Paul

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  • It's now almost two months that I haven't posted on my thread, so it's time for an update.

    Now. If you are going to get board reading about all the things that I have wrong with me skip this post & return another day, when things a'rre a little more interesting.

    Otherwise - and this is a long posting -

    Some of you, that have followed this thread, will know that my health is not in a good way and that was one reason why my wife & I acquired a SlingShot.

    Well, my health is still deteriorating and life has been a little hard, over the last couple of years, or so; we belive after picking up a virus, but having a predisposition to the problems that followed.

    I have the following problems (some are a little better now) and most of them have hit me, from a time, just a little before I got the Slingshot.

    The list (well, some of it):

    Kidney failure

    Liver failure

    Heart failure


    Gastropyreises, causing regular vomiting

    Gastric function & nerve failure

    Bowl function & nerve failure, inducing constipation

    Macular degeneration


    Retinal bleeds

    Severe calcium & vit' D deficiency

    Severe injury to one foot and nuropothy in, both, feet

    Too many phosphates, in the blood

    Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

    High blood pressure (with postural hypotension)

    Low blood count (& iron deficiency)

    Rheumatoid arthritis


    Depression (but then who wouldn't with all the above).

    Total exhaustion, due to many of the above (sleeping well over 12 hrs/day, but not always at night)

    And loads of other lesser things, such as, an irregular heartbeat, all my toenails falling off, fingers & toes curling up (due to the arthritis) all allong with, type 1 diabetes (35+ years now).

    So... What's the latest?

    I had a hospital visit to discuss likly, kidney dialysis. The next step was then a possible heart bypass opperation, to assist me (ie. stop me dropping dead, on the table) with a multiple organ transplant.

    This had been playing on my mind, as the other options were not good, as to put it bluntly, it would likely be a slow controlled death, over a few years, as my health deteriorated.

    I did not expect a clear answer, however I do have some good news. My liver is happily preparing itself and it would appear that the damage done to my heart, is probhably not so bad, that it, now, probubly, does not need any bypass surgery. Further exploratory work need to be done, first.

    Dialysis appears to be the next move. My specialist doctor will be talking to the people (at what is claimed to be the world's leading organ transplant hospital) to assess how we move forward. It looks like he thinks that I'm a good candidate, to be saved; with, up to, an 80% possibly of success. However, any failure will probhably be terminal.

    That's a bet that I'm willing to take. :00008021:

    I hope that all this was not too boring, but it will explain any lack of postings, during the next year. I intend to keep doing as much as possible & will be off to London, for a few days, while I can still manage it, so watch this space, for a few pictures of my adventures in London town, soon.

    All the best, from UK_Paul

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  • Called into the Bond museum, in London yestoday.

    While considering if I should get an Aston Martin, I noticed something that would help, with the rear wheel drifting, that we all experience.

    I think that a set of these will work well, in the winter weather, for me.

    All the best, from UK_Paul