Pulling a steering wheel off

  • The bolts were just the ones that come from Slingmods on their puller. My next stop was to go to the John Deere dealer here and see if I could grab some graded bolts same size and shoot for a round 2.
    May just apply a bit of love with the hammer on the center bolt this time. Though I am thinking I may set this all aside for the winter. Sling is put away in a tarp shed and it is ungodly cold out right now. -33 with windchill outside, or for you guys....-27

    Don't think I want to hit anything metal till it warms up

    I know how yo feel I hate cold weather ,it got down to 48 this morning I froze my butt off

  • If you use Painter's method, don't let Painter swing the hammer. He hits like a girl and it will never come off.

    Duane is right! I was a big "Sissy" that day!

    Thems fighting words!!!!!

    Well Jim.... we know we can do it. My method has worked every time and I have a stack of OEM steering wheels to prove it!

  • I'm having the same issues removing my stock steering wheel. The puller that I got from Slingmods didn't work as easily as in the video. The tiny screws that hold the puller to the steering wheel stripped the threads in the holes they went in...I then went to auto zone to get a steering wheel puller that looked like a massive claw, still no luck. It's currently snowing in Chicago in mid April so driving to a dealership isn't the best option. I attached a picture of what I'm looking at. Both pullers I used are stripping my center bolt which doesn't seem good.

    Any ideas? Did banging it with a hammer work?

  • @Greg Gregorian buy some "blaster" and soak it really good (catch the drips) and let it set for several minutes.

    Put the nut back on it and then use a hammer to bang the nut. If you are afraid of damaging the nut @Painter and I found a nut that was threaded all the way through that was perfect for this. It is like 3 inches long so it screws down on the threads well and give you a good surface to strike.

    Got it as Menards. You don't want to hit too hard as you don't want to damage your nut. (be nice boys).

    if you are doing it yourself sit in the sling with your knees pressing hard against the steering wheel and your free hand on top pulling.
    Give it a few good wacks and it should break loose.

  • Kind of a long drive for @MiM, dontcha think? Hope you checked with him before volunteering him like that.... :00008172:

    ummmmm I said "help"

    someone has the solo pull down

    gosh I miss @Tripod