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  • Not sure if you'd call it a MOD but I did spend $800 to extend the drive train warrantee for another 2 yrs.. I figured since a crap load of warr. work has been done by the dealer so far...

    Clutch M C

    brake balance switches

    knock sensor

    3 sets of rear axil bearings

    angle drive seal

    Probably a few things I've forgotten

    The dealer never charged me a penny, but I did leave $30 each time so the crew could have pizza.

    2017 base model w/ 25,000 + miles

    Dealer is Volusia Motorsports in New Smyrna Beach, Fl. which I highly recommend. About the only MOD I'd like to do now is some kind of detachable roof.

    Saving up my Kellogg's box tops for that.

  • Good that you did that. My angle drive failed on me over the weekend (2016.5 with 11,100 kms on it) and i'm 3-4 weeks past my warranty!! Uggg i should have extended it when i had a chance. (Although i have done so many mods not sure they would honor the warranty anyway!)

  • my teetwer. All JL audio.

    Just so you got quoted twice.... I love JL audio. I have a stock 2016.5 stereo, but would love to upgrade just the speakers without changing anything else. Don't get me wrong, the ones in there do a decent job for a factory setup. But I'd like a bit more. Does JL have anything that might do mine better this way? Asking for a friend.... ;)

  • Talk about timing! I jumped in my Sling in the garage yesterday, started it up and drove 20 miles north to the next county up to do some banking at my credit union of choice. When I came back out my Sling would not start. No lights, spool up or anything. A quick check of my pockets revealed that I did not have my Digital Guard Dawg fob with me. It was hanging on my key hanger in the house about 15 feet away from the Sling and was close enough to start the vehicle. I had tested this before and the vehicle would not start. It must be right at the effective limit. So I called my wife and she went home, verified that I left the fob behind, and texted me this page from the DGD manual. I tried 100 times but could not get the override to work so she had to drive the fob up to me. I honestly don't remember changing the code, and didn't write a new code down in the manual, so I'll call DGD today to try to troubleshoot. Here is page 16. If you want to use the code listed to steal my Sling, good luck! It will be changed when I get it to work. I highly recommend testing this procedure and memorizing the two digit code before you actually need it. This isn't going to help if your code is different. Maybe they all come with the same initial code - I doubt it.

    SlingLow, finally got around to testing this, your default code worked on mine. First time I tried it, don't think I did the timing right, but figured I'd try it a 2nd time and it worked. Had to wait a few minutes before it would stop coming on on it's own, took the fob far away, just to make sure and did it a 2nd time, changing my code and got the confirmation blink.

    thanks for this info!

    On another note, was working on my flag mount tonight, for MV and Huntsville. I don't think this will survive highway speeds. Still have to do some work on it, but it's close.


  • Dude, let's just supercharge your SS already. :D

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  • LOL, going to go turbo at the end of the month...


    Joey | 2016.5 Base Black :BLACKSS:
    "Defensor Vindex" | "Born of Freedom" | "None Shall Pass" | "Deter. Defend. Respond." | "Supra Et Ultra" | "Valor Honor" | "Si Ego Certiorem Faciam... Mihi Tu Delendus Eris"

    "Dating a skinny chick is fun until you hit 110mph in the Slingshot and she flies out like a napkin... thumbsup.png" - 2W2X1

  • I wish I had the money to do that. but I cant afford to drop another 5K into the SS at the moment. But man do I want turbo, and bad lol. * think I need to go cry for a minute lol.

    I'm with you Joe. My wish list for the SS is A LOT larger than my bank account. Heck, I even talked with Alamo Cycle Works about setting up a new 2019 SS exactly how I wanted it then I could finance everything at one time . . . . sigh . . . .

  • yeah it is crazy how this all got started and as bad as an addiction can be that I just cant stop doing little things to it. almost all of the time it seems. I am just now finishing up putting my rear spoiler on. Doing all of the work myself has saved me money, but causes a lot of down time because I cant just stay in the garage and do it until it is finished. right now I just want to drive it. so I am going to stop for a minute and quit working on it. put some miles on it instead. But man, turbo is the one thing I want most. and well, CANT have it.

  • TURBO is a total waste of money! You already spent too much for the Slingshot now your wanting to spend even more on

    this shit! There is no more room in the Shoe box for any more receipts for stuff you have already bought.

    This is what my wife told me when i said i wanted to buy a Turbo charger for mine. I said your wright dear as always..

    So i bought a SuperCharger instead!:P:evil:

  • yes it was a sharp wheel but unfortunately for anybody liking it , while there are still some available at amazon dealers, believe it or not we can no longer get red or green stitching new from Assault, They have discontinued that wheel in red stitching , The new ones are now only available in gray white or black stitching , That sucks, but remember Slingshot products are a small small niche, while it sold a few for slingshots , there isn't enough interest in utv markets for that color any longer , so they no longer producing them , compared to the slingshot market , the UTV market is huge yet it is still considered a niche market .. I loved that wheel.

    I got mine from Summit Racing. They still have it I believe. Get it while it's hot. Don't make the same mistake I did on Amazon and accidentally get the one for the Polaris side-by-side that does not have the horn. had it on their Amazon site. They took it back though, so all is well with the world.

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