1320 Exhaust questions

  • I recently posted a variant of this question on the end of an old discussion. I haven't gotten any feed back, so thought I'd repost as a new thread...

    I got the 1320 header/exhaust combo the other day, installed at a gold dealership

    He didn't put any baffle in initially, because from the curb it sounds fine...it the cab...well...I might need dentures
    So I put the smallest baffle in and am pretty happy with the cabin sound

    My issue is with muffler mounting...
    Anybody having problems?
    I've seen on the forum 'which shall not be named' that people are doing
    all sorts of weird stuff to make this exhaust work...like adding
    springs, etc...?
    I find that it's too low...the exhaust hangs a couple of inches lower than stock, which for my 4.5 in ride height scrapes...a lot...

    I had considered just removing the muffler tip, but wanted to see what other folks were doing first?

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