• I am now part of the "ONE OFF" PAINTERS SS ART GALLERY .
    Can we all thank painter enough ? I don't think so. Can we all agree on hanging it on the wall instead of install yes we can !
    But that's not what Painter would want so its getting installed.
    The Enterprise has a new engine I feel like USS Enterprise Chief Engineer Montgomery "Scotty" Scott is going to kill me if I scratch it.
    Thank you sir @Painter for another excellent job !

  • BEAM ME UP SCOTTY!!!! That looks awesome. Agree, he needs his own "gallery" on the forum to show off his work. Congrats

  • Why can't this be it?!?

    Those fortunate enough... Start posting!

    @V-SHOT, you next because that is the valve cover and coil cover I envy! ;(X(:P

    Can't stop staring and imagining it in green...

    @Nemesis1701... Freaking awesome! My brother loves it! He's a huge trekie fan... :thumbsup:

  • Incredible!!!!!! I really want @Painter to do something for me and I can't even give him a starting point. His ART is fantastic!!!

  • Wow!!! Just WOW!!!

    Every one of these sets are custom "One Offs" and will never be duplicated. They are not "Cookie Cutter" pieces and I try to gear the art directly to the personality of the Owner. I hope I've had some success in doing that.

    I look for those who support this Forum and it's Members and geez, I try my best.... That's all I can say. People talk about the "Dark Side" ... Is there another Forum? Haha

    @V-SHOT you were probably the hardest as getting a feel for what your interest are was pretty hard. "Just something Red with Black" doesn't give me much to work with! LOL! @Nemesis1701 was pretty easy and the picture came to my mind quickly! @NatomasSlingshot1 thought I was perverted when I asked her to tell me her interests but I think she got over that!

    I'm on Sling #34 now and she will be finished next week. Then I will contact some other Members to see if I can "Painterize" something for them as well and I will continue as long as I am able. @Tripod is first on that list!! And if any of you know a Member who has given behind the scenes please let me know!

    Now for the "Nuts and Bolts" of this process. I take about 50% of my Social Security money each month to buy covers, gasket sets, paint supplies, hardware and shipping. Since Kay has a great job I can do it without going hungry! But I am constantly running out of coil pack covers and @Turbosling Henry at Alpha is going to run out of seconds! So if you have one laying around, I would love to have it to save costs!

    It is an absolute pleasure to be able to "give back" and for you recipients-- if you help another Member you are paid in full!

  • Welcome to the "Select"! That is freaking cosmic cool!!!

  • One question @Painter several member names where written under the cover what is the meaning? Secret society code? Blood brotherhood? Cult membership? What ever it is I'm in !

    Ok... Now I must explain...

    That cover was signed by many well known members and was going to @Shatneyman courtesy of @Ruptured Duck. However, time constraints pushed me to do his cover early.

    I really thought that the preparation process would erase the signatures but it didn't! So I picked the Star Trek cover for it as @Shatneyman encompasses the Universe and will never fade into darkness. He is my Spock!!!