Hawk HT-10 Brake Pad Pre-order at Slingmods

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  • Got an e-mail notice that Slingmods has the Hawk HT-10 brake pads available for pre-order. These appear to have been produced as a direct fit on the the SS, no more cutting and fitting to make the Hawk fit.

    I know everyone wanted a more aggressive brake pad for the SS. My question is this, why did Hawk select a "race only" compound for the SS? Everything I read on the internet about this compound says it is not suitable for the street. Some even suggest that if you are going to drive your vehicle to the track, wait util you get to the track to put these on. One person said it was OK to use them to drive to the track, just don't use your brakes while driving there, downshift to slow down instead! Wouldn't it have been better to use a compound that was a little less track oriented?

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