Where Did You Take Your Slingshot Today?

  • I set in my SS and tried to get Apple Car Play to work. I am about to give up but I don't think many SS owners are having much luck either. Some one on another forum gave instructions on how to do it but I am having no luck. I did enjoy sitting in the Sling listening to the rain on the Sling Port tarp roof. No pics.

    I understand wanting music its why i have a big USB drive of songs, but I would never support Apple any longer, like Coke and Disney. I refuse to live in China.

  • I get my music from a USB drive also. Apple Car Play is supposed to have way better GPS navigation then the Slingshot has. Slingshot's GPS program leaves a lot to be desired. There fore if I never get the Car Play working I really can live with out it. You guys with the older Slingshots are living with out it.

    If the music is to loud you are to old.