• Disclaimer:
    I am aware that headphones while driving are illegal in most (probably all) states.
    I am aware some consider headphones dangerous while operating a motorcycle.
    I understand these arguments...but this ain't that thread. If you disagree with wearing them, please start your own. :)

    I've been riding motorcycles for years (more than I'd like to admit). I've gone through many headphones.
    I've experimented with audio in the SS. With the cabin noise (even with a top) the stereo (even with upgrades) wasn't a good enough option especially when considering total sound exposure/potential damage. I tried noise cancelling headsets, which were too cumbersome and got in the way of my hat (my shaved head catches melanoma like nobody's business). I turned my attention to headphones. I searched for the best headphones; I searched for the best headphones for motorcycles; I looked at options that were found in both searches.

    I ordered the RHA MA750. I've driven with them several times now, and they're wonderful. They're designed to be a tight fit and so decrease outside noise (I was able to significantly lower my stereo volume--I play from my phone). They're great for sound reproduction. They're stainless steel with reinforced cable for motorcycle durability.

    I'm not saying they're the end all be all...so if ya'll have found a better solution (keeping in mind the disclaimers above), lemme hear it!

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  • OK, here is why I like the SENA headset... All the guys I ride bikes with have the SENA SMH10 and they are freaking flawless. They are super clear in a helmet and pairing them with up to 4 other helmets is so easy... I have 3 sets of these now in each one of my helmets and my wife helmet....

    NOW, I know you said headphones.... Here is where this comes in....

    I have a stereo in my SS that is loud enough to hear at any speed. HOWEVER,, I cant make a call or get a call.. AND I don't wear a helmet in the SS. So all my headsets are useless. This means I had lost the ability to talk to the guys that are riding with me..

    And the answer to the problem!!!! SENA SPH10!!!!!!! I got to digging and found out that this jewel would take care of the calling and get me back in the group... AND they are so loud they will break your eardrums if you want them to... They have wrap around ear pads that keep them snug and they go around you neck so they don't mess up wearing a ball cap. And they have a noise cancelling microphone and they have audio boost if you are truly deaf... I also play music thru them on occasion and they are absolutely flawless. You just cant get better audio in a headset. Or at least I haven't found it.... And if you want to plug a cord instead of streaming bluetooth to the headset from you phone or iPod they have a hidden audio jack in the back side of them and a tiny headphone adapter pigtail you can plug into the, That way you don't have a headphone cord that is heavy pulling on your headset. (even though regular headphone cords are lite) :-)

    They have lasted for over 2 days without charging them.. .I carried them to the mountains and forgot to charge them. I kept thinking they would go deal and they never did...

    Calls come thru so clear and even as loud as my SS is nobody could tell I was in it... The helmet version also filtered every bit of noise out. Mu Ducati was one of the loudest bikes I had ever owned and callers never knew I was running 100mph down the interstate with the Exhaust blaring....

    And the music sharing is cool.. You and your passenger can hear the same music and even split a phone call if you want to add people into the call... Even people in your group ... I have never done that but its possible ...

  • Sounds like all the the name brand Bluetooth headsets are pretty much great. I know he was referring to headphones and i noticed some of the replies in the other thread were about headphone systems.

    When I get back to my laptop I'll merge this post with the other one and leave a forward on this post so @bookmd can see where his post went and view the other replies.

  • The set I have basically uses only headphones jacked on the Bluetooth device. While they currently sound "ok", if something happens to them, I will likely be going to a BOSE set. Although it might be a bit too good. Will need extra attention while driving for sure.

  • The set I have basically uses only headphones jacked on the Bluetooth device. While they currently sound "ok", if something happens to them, I will likely be going to a BOSE set. Although it might be a bit too good. Will need extra attention while driving for sure.

    I have a set of Bose Bluetooth headphones. They also have the phone microphone built into them. My wife bought them for me and I love them.

    However they do block alot of surrounding noise. They could possibly keep you from hearing somthing important. But that is up to the wearer of the headphones.

  • I know technically wrong thread, but the bluetooth speaker I went with, the Braven BRV-X is awesome!

    I am able to drive up to 90+ mph on the highway, I have no top, I wear a full face helmet, and I can still hear my music! Not loud in that situation, but I hear it comfortably. Once I exit, I make no adjusts, and it's loud! No thumping bass, and yes, headphones in the helmet would be much louder, cleaner, and give the impression of fuller sound, but it works!

    It is also shock and dust proof, water resistant, even submerged for a bit of time, and can pair to another BRV-X for left/right channels. Oh, it can also charge your phone!

    Finally, didn't think I'd be able to take a call with it, but it also worked! Wife called, I was neighborhood driving, no faster than 40 mph, but with the full face helmet on, and she could hear me... She heard engine/wind noise as well, but said it was fine considering...

    Very happy with it! Plus of course, it can come with me! Sound wherever I want.

  • Bluetooth 2-way communications aside, I've been riding with in-ear silicone or foam ear buds for years with excellent results with both for keeping outside noise coming into my ears to a minimum as well as better sound quality than any sound system will give you on the sling/motorcycle. Best thing is, the high end stuff only costs about $29 (with mic, but I prefer without), or on cases where I've had to break down and buy one on the road and any truckstop, I'll spend anywhere from $9-20. I respect @rabtechs and others sound systems and all, but I'm not about to spend thousands of dollars on sound equipment that can only be heard if blasting the decibel level to a point where everyone within distance is having to listen to your music and such. I followed behind @Tripod, 2 slingshots behind, on a ride we took together and me and everyone withing 50 yards of him could hear his music. I'm just not that comfortable doing that to other folks, but to each his own i guess. I did take a look at Sena's that @rabtech suggested and still considering those, only because of the added ability to speak to a passenger while on a long trip.... Jury's still out on that one.
    I'm a cheap bastard, what can i say :thumbup:

    Oh, and @bookmd, I can still hear traffic and such around me as well as hearing the person next to me (if they yell :P ).

  • @rabtech ...thanks for the info...just got my SPH10s today, look forward to trying them out tomorrow...still going through the 100 page online manual ;)

    They are super easy to work. You wont be disappointed at all. Make sure you plug them in and fully charge them before you ever use them.

    Then pair them to your phone and get ready to have clear phone calls.

  • SPH10 if you're not wearing a helmet is a good way to go.
    However, I must say...now that I have both the SPH10 and the originally reviewed RHA MA750...the RHA does better with music. 90% of the time I'll be riding alone, in the middle of nowhere (no cell coverage) and so I'll stick with the RHA on those days. But when I take a friend on a trip, the SPH10 music share and intercom is the perfect tool...
    Hope that helps!

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