How to Install Halo ON/OFF LED Indicator Light For Cockpit

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  • No. Guys it's easy. Think of it this way. If you have a switch and it has a light in it. It has to have a + and a - wire ran to it. So most of the time your switch will have 3 terminals if it is a lighted switch....

    One terminal from the battery or fuse block supplying the switch power. Then one terminal going to whatever device your switching on and off..

    When you flip the switch you complete the citcuit...

    How would this make the switch illuminate? It couldn't. ...
    The switch has no ground... so what you would do is wire whatever terminal on the switch that is marked as a ground connection (usually a bunch of progressively smaller lines to a point ) to a point on the chassis of the SS or if you have a ground wire handy you can connect it to that.

    And there ya go. You have a lighted switch.

  • All accessory light switches from Polaris Off-road. Left switch is Halo's/Wings, center switch in under-hood and interior LED's, and far right switch is underbody LED's. All LED's are from the Polaris Off-road catalog. Very bright and not that bad cost-wise. Switches light when being used and are all "hot" meaning no key required. :)

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