never expected to see this

  • was browsing threw a news app on my iPad when I stumbled across this headline

    I have to say I never expected to see a $109k car referred to as "Entry-Level" - - I do like the looks, but 100k is not "entry-levle" in my book, not by a long shot!

    Cage Free - 2016 Pearl Red SL

    DDM Short Shifter, Sway Bar Mounts Coolant tank Master Cylinder Brace & CAI

    Twist Dynamics Sway Bar, JRI GT Coilovers, Assault Hood Vent

    OEM Double Bubble windshields & various other goodies

  • I traded in my S 550 Benz in on a truck when I retired. Have enjoyed trucks ever since !! Have to admit though for a sedan it ran like a scalded dog😬

    I might not be right but I can sure sound like it

  • Bill Martin

    I didn't go the rocketship route, I went the SR-71 route.

    My SL450 has the twin turbo V-6 and 9 speed trans, limited to 155 mph.

    Let my son drive it this weekend, and after a 0 to 100mph run he said, "Wow, I wasn't expecting that"

    I just laughed and said yea, I know, and that was in comfort mode, LOL

    So I put it in "Sport plus" and he did it again.

    Then he said WOW again, and said you can definitely feel the difference.

    I just laughed

    I LOVE that car!!!!!

    Now I am looking to pick up a second one, A older (like 2011 or 12) S 500 or 550 for the "old man ride"

    And I still have the Chevy SSR and the Chrysler Prowler.

    Now im in the market for 2 4 post lifts,..... too many cars, not enough garage.