• Not a requirement in my state and I usually don't wear one; however; if I am traveling for distance and driving hours at high speeds or enter a state that does have a requirement - it's nice to have on hand - if needed or wanted ;)

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  • Yes a full helmet will fit behind the seat in the compartment on the driver side - I have never tried the passenger side. Im in California where the Slingshot is still classified as a motorcycle and a helmet is required. Since the day I brought my sling home I have always carried a 1/2 helmet in the passenger compartment for my wife or any other person who might need it. For myself I have used 1/2, 3/4 and full helmets depending on the season. With my Slingshot being my daily driver for all these years I have been very glad to have different choices. After I retired at the end of 2021 I gave the full helmet away to a friend. figured I now have the choice not to ride if its that cold :)

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  • Thank yall.... I will proceed to buy us some now..lol Although there has been quite a few folks saying that they don't necessarily wear them or need them..

    My wife prefers a helmet so I set two Bell Pit Boss helmets up with SENA intercoms and it really helps with the high-speed conversation. We can talk at normal volume instead of yelling.

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  • Has anyone had any real problems with road debris? i.e. Rocks, bugs........

    Couple of years ago in the fall and riding out in the country on a county road a 'walnut' droped out of the tree and caught me in the chest. No damage to me or the Slingshot. I do have a taller than stock windshield.

  • Early on in 2015, I had a surprise riding on a local road here in Florida. Traveling down a long straight-a-way going about 70 mph, I felt am impact on my right shoulder that honestly felt like I was either shot or ran into a rock or something. I pulled over to see if I could figure out what happened, and the first thing I saw was this

    That didn't make much sense to me since I had detailed the Slingshot that morning before leaving. So I looked around and saw this guy, and moved him into this pic.

    Obviously the impact made more damage to him than it did to me. I think that was enough reason for me to get rid of the double bubble windshields and go back to the stock. Here's a coupe extra pics to put the size of him into perspective

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