I am looking for a way back in. Here is what im looking for.....

  • Hello everyone. I am about to go batsh1t crazy sitting at home and watching all these videos of people having fun. 8o

    Im looking to buy a wrecked Slinsghot. The reason i want a wrecked or salvage Slingshot is simple. I only need the front portion of the frame, black plastics that make up the occupant compartment, black plastic for the back area, front dash, wiring harness, electric steering components, upper and lower control arms with hubs, and headlights and taillights. It can have some bits bent and knocked loose. I expect something to be really messed up if its salvage. I not expecting a mint condition Louis Vuitton bag for the price I am wanting to pay.

    I don't need an engine, transmission, air box, seats, shocks, radiator, steering wheel, any of the painted plastics, brake rotors, calipers, wheels, tires, drive shaft, ECU, final drive, drive belt, swingarm, instrument cluster, shifter, exhaust, sway bar, stereo, speaker pods, windshield, side mirrors, tag holder, side mud fenders, lug nuts, battery, fuel pump, parking brake, and seat belts.

    I will be swapping out all those components listed above for aftermarket items, different drivetrain and quad rear end. I have all the painted plastic parts for a slinsghot in storage as well as a set of 4 rims. Even the drivetrain has been picked out.

    So as yall can see it would be crazy to buy a used Slingshot and strip it down. I have searched the internet and found the salvage Slingshots listed at Copart. https://www.copart.com/vehicle…C0iuKhOgz5SBoC5eAQAvD_BwE

    However, Coparts seems like a huge scam to me. They seem to have the market cornered on buying and selling salvaged autos and motorcycles. You have to pay annually to be a member and they even have two levels of membership. To be able to bid in Alabama you have to pay a broker to bid for you which cost several hundred dollars. You also have to deposit 10% of what your going to bid up to. ( and you have to do the whole amount before the auction and you can not raise the deposit during the auction.) And to make it even worse I have read that if you try to pickup these purchases yourself they make it very difficult because they want you to use their delivery service.

    So here is the deal,,,,,.If someone knows where a wrecked or salvage Slinsghot is that I can actually buy and pickup without having to pay tons of fees please post below or message me here. Or if you or someone you know has the ability to buy from one of these online sources and I don't have to have a broker and pay a yearly fee to be a member let me know.

    I can handle getting a salvage project tagged. That part isn't my worry. It's just the first part of this project where I actually buy a wrecked Slingshot to start with...

  • Hi rabtech

    Over on the Slingshot forum site, there is a post with pix of a Slingshot that was T-Boned last week, no one was injured...

    It might be something along the lines of what you're looking for...

    Good luck...

  • I don't think I would purchase a salvage Sling due to the problems registering and insuring it. Not to mention the complications from possible unseen frame damage. I have put salvage vehicles on the track but wouldn't want to go through all the hassles of putting one back on the street, especially one that might come from out of state and will be highly modified.

    The search might be harder and take a bit longer but a private sale from a blown up, flooded, storm damaged, neglected, or divorce fire sale unit might be a whole lot easier and less costly even if it cost a little more up front.

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  • A guy on a Facebook Group I belong to got hit in the front. He said some damage and the rack got wasted so the insurance company totaled it.

    It's in Lynn MA.

    If you boys want me to press further, let me know.

    He didn't say exactly where it is, but I can ask again.

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