Updating website. May experience times that the site is offline. No worries.

  • First let me say howdy to everyone. I do miss seeing everyone and I really miss my Slingshot. Don't count me out yet because I am kinda waiting to see if there is a major update to the Slingshot platform. I just think that it's time for Polaris to rework the frame and overall layout. I know that they can't make a drastic change due to government DOT regulations but it's been 8 years and they pretty much have the same frame and dimensions.

    I am always in the background watching and taking care of the website.:P I have a major version update that I am hoping I can do without alot of drama. I am doing several backups to cover my butt right now. You can never be to careful. I know that at some point I will have to turn the website off for a few hours just so I can backup files that are normally locked. So don't panic if the site doesn't come up. I will put up a web page that let's you know it's me and that I'm actively working.

    I can't give you an exact time that this will happen but I can tell you that I will try my best to do all this after midnight.

    Anyway yall carry on and keep posting. I will keep yall informed as I do the updates. And again,,,,, don't panic if something looks a bit weird or the site is a little slow. It's probably just me in the background uploading or downloading files.