Shaft drive

  • DDM has a way to get rid of the angle drive and the noise it creates. Just have to nuy his 3 wheel conversion kit and you'll never hear that whine again. Plus it handles a LOT better and safer on 4 wheels than it does on 3. And I haven't heard anyone complain on how it handles riding in the rain.

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  • My guess is that the angle drive would then become a double angle drive, for the shaft to be able to run alongside the wheel, and then it would be another angle drive at the wheel. Thats a lot more drivetrain. There is no way to go from the output of the transmission, which is basically centered in the chassis, to the rear axle directly.

  • After going through some frustrating trial and error learning experience adjusting the drive belt, now that I seemingly understand how things like to work to keep the rear drive system quieter in our SlingShot, belt drive currently is working fine for us.


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  • To me a non mechanic, it doesn't seem like it would be that difficult. But I guess it may be. From what I could see on the wing the shaft had no bends. Went directly to the rear wheel drive. If you eliminate the angle drive and swingarm on the sling, can it be a direct link like on the wing? May need to extend the shaft from the tranny than add a joint for travel.

  • I wonder why none of the forum vendors never have tried to make a shaft drive to replace the belt drive. Much like what is on a Honda Goldwing. If that would quiet the rear end down they probably could not make them fast enough.

    Frankly I don't think this would be a very big seller. It would probably cost an arm and a leg and for what? Seriously do you really think most or even a majority of slingshot owners have a problem with noise to the point they would spend thousands of dollars?

    Perhaps my slingshot is the exception, or perhaps I am just more tolerant of noise, but except when the belt gets dirty I dont even notice any bothersome noise from the angle drive or belt.

    I don't mean to take a dump on your idea, but considering what mods cost for the slingshot this just seems like a very expensive solution for a very small problem

    Anyway JMO 8o

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  • Just go out and buy yourself a Vanderhall. Front wheel drive with no angle drive noises and the single rear wheel basically just holds the back end up and follows the front wheels through the turns. A whole different handling sensation through the twisties when the front wheels pull you out of the turns and no worry about the ass end washing out or breaking loose

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  • Isn't that called a differential?

    Sure. I only used the term right angle drive, because that is what Polaris calls the 'diff'.


    Look at how short the driveshaft is, and it's relation to the belt drive sprocket. The belt drive sprocket is basically in line with the side of the tire. The shaft that would drive the wheel would have to be roughly where the belt is now. Unless you want to move the wheel a foot to the left or right. So, to go from the output of the transmission to the side of the wheel hub, you would need 3 'diffs'.

    Driveshaft to the first diff, an offset (either a shaft within a case or another exposed driveshaft) to one side going to the second diff, and the final diff on the wheel hub. I don't own a Goldwing, but it's obvious that the transmission output is to the side of the engine, lined up with the wheel hub on the side of the swingarm. If the transmission output was in the center of the frame, the Goldwing would also need 3 diffs to get around the wheel and tire itself.