Rear tire wear

  • I have one of those also, there is no traction when it is cold, even when it is 100 degrees outside. It is my mounted spare, I think I am just going to have to install on Sling II and just melt it down. It is that or just throw it away.

    I have to agree that this time of year with our highs only in the 70's the traction is not even close to what it is the rest of the year - fortunately around here we are in the 100's most of the year and this tire seems to have been made for hot conditions - - like I said above the Nitto Motive all season tire I tried didn't make it past 10k, on the other hand I have had the Motivo's on the front for over 20k and they are holding up great

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  • My Michelin's are wearing like iron and evenly, front and rear. And talk about sticky in the mountains. I'll replace these when wore out with more Michelins.

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