Screw Green - Chevy going electric with a bang!

  • I think its highly likely that once racers get ahold of these they won't stay naturally aspirated for very long - - - makes me wonder how much power they will end up squeezing out of these

    Cage Free - 2016 Pearl Red SL

    DDM Short Shifter, Sway Bar Mounts Coolant tank & Master Cylinder Brace

    Twist Dynamics Sway Bar, JRI GT Coilovers, Assault Hood Vent

    OEM Double Bubble windshields & various other goodies

  • Is this real?!? Because hell-fucking-yeah! Now we're talking!!! A perfect fix for my need for speed and 3 girls, wife, 3 dogs, and a shit load of luggage...

    Durango / Minivan, same thing right? lol


    With three rows of seats and 710 horsepower on tap, the 2021 Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat is a rollercoaster ride the entire family can enjoy—or fear. As its name suggests, there's an almighty, unholy supercharged V-8 engine hidden within its intimidating bodywork, and its standard all-wheel-drive system is only too eager to assist its breathtaking acceleration. The howl of its supercharger and the rumble of its exhaust can go from background music to auditory assault at the press of a pedal. And when Dodge's supreme SUV isn't making its passengers squirm and regret their lunches, it can tow up to 8700 pounds and haul plenty of groceries. The 2021 Durango SRT Hellcat might seem like an excessive and expensive mid-size SUV, but not to those who appreciate its outrageousness.

  • Yeah, knew about the Durango... And the Jeep Grand Cherokee with the hellcat too... But a minivan with a hellcat... The wife would approve because ain't no ladies gonna want a guy with a minivan... 😆

    But if the vans a rocking... 😏