Windshield choices

  • Hello All,

    I am new to the Slingshot world.

    I have just purchased a “new to me” Slingshot.

    I am looking to upgrade the small factory windshield to something a bit better. More coverage and protection.

    I have a 2018 SLR and I find the factory one fine in the city, but lots of turbulence on the highway.

    I know this has been discussed many times in the past I am sure, but was curious if there was some new information? Or new options.

    Thanks for any help.

  • I have the F4+5 for sale but I purchased the Madstad adjustable and really

    like. You can raise or lower and tilt out for more air in cabin.
    The F4 is great but really doesn’t let a lot of air in cabin.

    Both windshields I can wear ball cap with no problem.

    And that’s all I can say bout that!

    Keep Three Wheels Down

  • Thanks for the info.
    yes, the Madstad was one that I was considering.
    I was wondering how it was on the highway?

    Does it “flop around” at speeds?

    I see how it attaches to the two small windscreens, so I thought maybe it would be shaky at speeds?

    Our Madstad 9" blade windscreen installed in early 2015 was our first accessory purchased for our SlingShot. Lower it in the winter to keep the passenger compartment cozy, raise it in the summer for added ventilation. At any setting the air underneath the windshield reduces the turbulence within the passenger compartment that can be created by other windscreens. Shaky and floppy? I would be curious how anybody could get such an idea?

    Just FYI, while doing your research this thread may be of interest: Why we do not have a tall windshield


    Additional information since this post: Difference in Madstad Gen 1 and Gen 2 windshields?


  • My personal choice is the F-4 Custom 5+ tinted with the Baker 'Air Wings'. If possible meet some of the guys in your area and see and ride in different Slingshots with the different windshields. A lot depends on where you are located and how you ride. Welcome to the "World of Slingshot Insanity"

  • I am running the stock wind screen on my 2020 and no problem with the ball cap. If I am going to be going over 45 MPH I just use the addon on chin strap. I seldom needs the chin strap as I seldom do 55.

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  • I have owned 5 different favorite of the 5 was the NASCAR tallboy +2 from All Things Slingshot. Closely behind that was the Madstadt 11 inch. They both have pros and cons...but both are substantially better than the factory windshield.

    Sling go bye bye... Starting to think I need to buy another one and start a new project...