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  • I sent them a list of questions. I'm thinking for $400 less 10% military discount it may be worth the gamble. Almost looks like the 1320 exhaust.

    I was fixing to say it’s a 1320. I have the 1320 but had my muffler guy to take exhaust out the hole where the piece of crap (Alpha) was till it blew up. Sounds great and gets heat out from under passenger feet. I am very pleased with this one.

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  • I sent them a list of questions. I'm thinking for $400 less 10% military discount it may be worth the gamble. Almost looks like the 1320 exhaust.

    Almost, I'd say exactly! They both have

    Adjustable Silencers, 3 silencer fittings & an anti-reversion chamber, Humm?


  • Welllllll, vendor says beginning of the year or spring for new 2.5 exhaust system. Guess it's allot harder to design something than I imagined.

    It's probably more likely the vendor wanting to get actual test miles racked up on a few different revisions and know they are selling a quality product that isn't going to fail for some reason shortly after install. That was one of the issues with one of our early exhaust setups. There was a lot more vibration in the NA setup than the turbo setup and the vibration was destroying our mufflers so we discontinued the whole setup.

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  • ok couldn't stand it. I ordered the pfm exhaust which is the 1320 I believe. $360 shipping included with military discount. DDM says I can only use the 2 biggest silencers with the supercharger. Wife is deaf so sound will not bother her.

    I was told the same, if using a 1320 header & exhaust with the ECM tuned to that set up you can only use the top two baffles. Was your original ECM flashed to the stock exhaust? If so you may want to check with DDM to find out if you will require a new ECM flash using a true complete 2.5" exhaust.

    Or possibly if you can use the lowest baffle using your current flash if you are now using a tune set to a stock exhaust? That's something I was contemplating if possible. Can you use 1320 header and exhaust with the smallest baffle using an ECM flashed to a supercharger and a stock exhaust? That may be the answer to some performance gain and the ability to use the quiet baffle?

    I only tested the 1320 set up using the top two baffles and on a complete stock engine, no supercharger. Curious how it turns out. Everyone has different perceptions. Good luck & keep informed.

  • I'm going to install the muffler then run for a few 1000 miles before I order the 105mm pulley. Just to establish a baseline. I'll give a true evaluation as I go. I figure for $360 I'll give it a try. If I'm not impressed I'll go with something different when/if a new exhaust for boosted slings come out.

  • My 1320 came with no instructions. I removed the heat shield as it won't fit with the 1320. It may very well be OK with slight modifications but I left mine off. This may help. I did not use the bracket if yours came with one. Used existing attachments as with the stock. Then attached the extra spring to the loop at the top of the exhaust and attached the other end of the spring into the hole in the frame at that location. It worked fine. I removed mine and am running stock. I did remove the side panels. They missed informing about one screw in the side panel. I'm trying to remember which one. It's somewhere upper portion outside just aft of the passenger seat. Curious as to your opinion after install. let me know what your thoughts.

  • Video is for the header. I have that installed already. Need video for 1320 front exit exhaust. I took the parts out and it looks like instructions will not be needed. But would have been nice. Trying to decide if I want to install tonight. Rain tomorrow is a big deciding factor.