2021 Deadwood 3 Wheeler Rally - Review

  • Just got home an hour or so ago and got unloaded - what a blast. Over 1600 miles on the sling touring all the sights of SD and hitting all the twisties we could find. I don't know the final trike numbers but 510+ trikes showed up, 18 slingshots and 10 vanderhalls. The reception to slings was pretty good, especially by all of the staff. My opinion is the can am spyder/ryker guys are cool with us it's the old HD guys that are on converted trikes that wouldn't throw the wave :) Event had a lot to do - the only thing I think slings couldn't do was the trike games of skill. Talked to Teresa who runs the show and going to try to fix that if we can get more sling there and talking to other slings folks we came up with a few sling specific games so they aren't left out next year hopefully.

    Vendors were pretty cool, in fact Sarah Clark added some paint to our sling while there. There weren't any sling specific vendors, but to be expected with 18 showing up this year and I think she said most ever was 1st rally (this was 7th annual) in 2015 they had 21 show up. We did manage to take 1st place in peoples choice for best bike - which the wife and I were pretty stoked about. Kinda validates that garage time a bit...lol This was awesome as later when we did the parade and those same folks who voted where on the street to see the light parade - we got a lot of shout outs - so much fun! The wife and I also met a couple from Iowa that we ended up spending most of the week riding with. One day we ran into another new sling who saw us gathering and wanted to ride with. Of course we wanted him to join and 45 min ride later we were cramming him and his son (bigger guys) into a 7 person van with 8 of us in total to "tour" bear country. Slings couldn't go without windows/sides! Talk about getting to know folks and who showered that morning.

    Overall it was fun, we treated it like a rally and met new folks, rode with slings (even some from CO) that we had never ridden with before and really had fun. We'll be back next year although will have 4 wheels so won't be registering - just going to hang with the cool staff and ride! I have some 360 video and more pics I'll add to this as I get some time. Here's a few that I had handy.

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  • Only reason I ever skipped this event was it was always at the same time as Slingshots In The Rockies. Go figure the first year I could go...and I don't have a Slingshot. lol

    If all goes as planned we won't be able to register next year as a "quad". We'll still go to hang out and ride with folks though as we had that much fun.

  • The original year. The Can-Am people did NOT like us at all. We ended up just doing our own thing. Obviously Red was the color back then. ^^

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