Chassis Light?

  • I went for a ride the other day and when I got up between 80 to 90 this triangle dash light came on. I had no clue what it was at the time. I backed off the gas and the light went out, so I drove for a little bit around 60. I then pushed it back up again and the light came back on. So I let off and drove normal all the way home. Looked in my manual and seen it was a chassis light, it also said this will not come on in the slingshot, so why did it. Not sure if this has something to do with my quad kit or not. Anybody ever had this light come on??


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  • Since this should not happen on the Slingshot. And usually connected to their ATV line.

    Possibility is the protection bit to prevent writing of fault recorded wrong in your ECU.

    More than likely you will be chasing a false positive.

    Fault is normally attributed to voltage decline in their ATV products.

    Couple quick checks for peace of mind. Both battery post for cleanliness. Battery ground cable to frame connectivity. Engine ground connection.

    Gonna throw this in for simplicity.

    Not familiar with four wheel conversions and sensor setups. Pretty sure frame structure is hard grounded to Slingshot frame. Independent swingarms, shocks, and other factors may not provide sufficient grounding without bonding straps.

    If still under warranty...

    Call dealer. Tell them you got a Chassis Warning light illuminated that should not happen on Slingshot product.

    Could this indicate a bad ECU flash?

    They will have to check it out with Digital Wrench Software.

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  • I got the same light after I ran the cooling fan relay ground terminal wire thru a switch. The first time I used the over ride switch, the light came on AND I got a message scrolling along the bottom of the radio/ride command screen. When I turned the engine off and then restarted it, everything cleared up. I turned the fan on, and the same thing happened. Apparently, the ECU can tell when something is grounded and shouldn't be.

    My owner's manual also says, the light will not light up. WRONG.

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