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  • typical progressive, radical, liberal, lefty, commie ideology.....too stupid because they have been uneducated by their parents (teachers from their parents generation, equally dumbed down and indoctrinated by commies that changed history and lied to them about the real world)

    We now have several generations just like them and they are currently teaching the next generation. It’s slow infiltration. Each generation being more radicalized.... actually if you think about it..... the 60-70s was even worse....this generation is full of hate and stupidity.... but they haven’t done the radical bombings and stuff ....yet. Portland is a replay of that time... constant riots and burning and looting.
    also the political party’s have never been so radically divided. I’m too young to remember the McCarthy government commie hunt.

    but we still have commies active in the government that need to be purged... school curriculums need changed to be more patriotic. We let radical, liberals change our lives and values starting with removing prayer from school. Then it was pledge of allegiance. Now they want to remove “In God We Trust” “One Nation Under God”

    It’s never been more obvious that the entire country is going in the wrong direction... we must reverse our course.

  • Good article and many valid points.

    One part I wished it touched upon is the parties that profit from division. I imagine for white supremist these have been banner years for recruitment and leaders of BLM are buying mansions using the money of the ignorant and those that hope to pander.

    As a hispanic I frequently joke that I'm a racist because I prefer BBQ from African Americans...

  • Good article and many valid points.

    One part I wished it touched upon is the parties that profit from division. I imagine for white supremist these have been banner years for recruitment and leaders of BLM are buying mansions using the money of the ignorant and those that hope to pander.

    As a hispanic I frequently joke that I'm a racist because I prefer BBQ from African Americans...

    part of the progressive, radical, liberal, lefty, commie (nazi) agenda is to categorize every white person, which includes Asians and anybody without even slightly tan colored skin as racist. Based on the way you look. (That’s racist in and of itself). So they speak from experience in visually being able pick out racists. They label you as a white supremacist based on the same criteria.... if he’s white he’s automatically a supremacist, KKK, proud boy, boogaloo....etc. party affiliation also qualifies you. Or suspected party affiliation. Trying to judge me and categorize me just be looking at me skin color is racist.

    I base my thoughts about you on your words and actions. Unfortunately most of the ones that screw the loudest are yearning to be a part of something.... probably for lack of parental love and guidance. They think they and their ideas/ideals are going to save and change the world... this country was working pretty good before they were born. Perfect ...no but one of the best examples in the entire world. Starting after the civil war. But the foundations of the country starting after 1776 have remained tried and true. So if you are against the constitution and its basic principles which is the country’s guiding force then you have the major problem. The constitution is not going away......shortly the entire world will be using our constitution... the authors of the constitution were as follows pretty young.


    in those days people grew up much faster because of the heavy responsibilities of basic survival. most young people today aren’t nearly as mature. Personally my thoughts and actions when I was younger have changed.. pretty much. But that came with knowledge.. the more I leaned and experienced my views and opinions changed. Being married and a young father my responsibilities dictated my actions. With a full time job I didn’t have time to take off work (without getting fired) to protest and March and senselessly destroy.
    when I see crowds looting, rioting, arson and police being attacked...I don’t see color....everyone there is in the same category for me at that point. Their group action transcended color. That color because pure evil.

    PS. There is nothing like “southern” BBQ...

  • Bigdog listening to your words in this and other posts you seem to be one of those people who is filled with hate for those you disagree with - too me a conservative libertarian you seem like part of the problem. For me I prefer to follow the teachings of my God and one of the most important things He teaches is that I am supposed to live in love. And not just for the people who love me. Anyone can do that it’s easy, but my God says I even need love those that are totally against me and what I like. As the Bible says I even need to love the tax collectors - so, anyway, if you want to live in hate it’s your choice, but as a Christian I can’t knowingly do that I can’t intentionally go against the teachings of my savior There are plenty of things I need forgiveness for

    without needing to add to the list

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    what you don’t understand is the ones tearing down the country from the top down are lead by the devil.....this is all going to be revealed shortly ....they worship the evil, they sacrifice humans for the devil... you have no idea what’s really been going on.... MSM and the progressive lefty commies have hijacked the country...the change that’s coming for the world is huge.... everything you think you know about religion, world history and much more will be turned upside down... the internet as we know it is going to be gone. All these sites we know and love are going to be gone... world governments are going to be gone/changed. Money will change, banking will change.. religions will change... we have been lied to, brainwashed and mislead for thousands of years.

    There will/is a battle going on right now for the survival of our way of live, our country and the entire world...7 billion people.... this battle is literally between God and the devil....devil worshippers, child sacrificers, child traffickers ...I’m not joking .....everything Trump did in the last 4 years has been a prelude to what’s about to happen.... when you’re sitting in disbelief watching the movies on Trump tv......when you see who is involved ... when you see what they have been doing.... when you see the mass arrests....when you hear their confessions and then watch the executions.....you will literal puke your guts out. It’s that horrible and unbelievable... the deniers will be out in full force. To no avail....

    Trump literally is controlling the world right now. It was explained in my previous video postings.. it showed the world leaders handing their country’s over to Trump. ..the world will be switched over to 1776 .....Shortly the emergency broadcast system will be issuing instructions for all of us. If you’re smart you’ll be on your knees praying for the success and safety of everyone involved. Including Trump and our military and the military’s around the world. All will be involved in the earth rescue mission. Helping God defeat the devil.

    before the internet disappears look up videos of people that have made prophecies years ago about coming attractions. Prophecies about Trump. Prophecies about Gods warning to the United States... he put a timeline on us..... God picked Trump just like he picked Noah and Moses and others to do his work.... the devil has been in control of the world for thousands of years.... the time is now.....the plans are made...and being implemented.. as we speak...

    When you see this.....you will know everyone I posted is true...

    It will be the end of much of what we thought we knew ....the internet will be gone. You’ll watch the movies....(there will be no tv stations)..... on the emergency broadcast system ...from a Trump (still your president) / military controlled satellite broadcast....it will be seen around the world.

    If you chose to be in denial of everything I posted as a wake up call..... I tried. Even if you laughed at it...you’ll see the truth ....don’t be scared everything is under control of the military.. remember in the movies the old slap on the face....snap out of it man....moment...it’s coming. You’re going to be figuratively slapped awake. Everyone will be “woke”

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