Thought I'd seen it all...

  • Traveling west on I-10 this morning, about an hour out of Phoenix and witnessed a car on the east-bound side of the jersey wall doing a 180 and taking out a few other cars just as we were passing by. As if that wasn't enough, no more than three miles further down the road, traffic on my side nearly came to a stop as we approached three emergency vehicles on the side of the highway and half a dozen LEOs looking over the guard rail. I suspect they were looking for the body that was no longer attached to the severed human leg that was laying on the shoulder. Wow! Someone's weekend has gotten off to a really bad start... 😏

    The world would be a different place if everyone listened to country music...

  • "Follow. But! Follow only if ye be men of valour, for the entrance to this cave is guarded by a creature so foul, so cruel that no man yet has fought with it and lived! Bones of full fifty men lie strewn about its lair. So, brave knights, if you do doubt your courage or your strength, come no further, for death awaits you all with nasty, big, pointy teeth." - TIM

    Shoulda listened to Tim. 😄

    2016.5 Pearl White SL LE

  • I spent last week in the Phoenix area and one thing that got my attention was how well traffic moves on the freeway systems there. In a metro area of 4.7 million people they have it figured out. Compared to cities like Portland, OR and Seattle, WA we were flying everywhere! And it hit 99 degrees one day (I know, wrong thread). I'm a country boy at heart but I really enjoyed Phoenix.

    Remember folks - this isn't a rehearsal, it's The Show!8)