Slinghsot, Shepard and Capital

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Showcasing one of our outstanding members with many accomplishments towards the Polaris Slingshot. I put him up at the highest level! Way to go Nemesis1701 !

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  • Sam very nice....

    • Sam really cool. USA...USA!

    • Nemesis1701 Sam can send you a digital copy of the picture..... Al hope all is well is Sunny Florida. Georgia and I will be down again end of Janurary 2020.

    • I can give anyone a file of any of the photo edit projects I have done. Photos are compressed when they are uploaded to forum. Click on this link and you can download the file. Nemesis1701 Thanks for reminding folks of how they can get an original file of any of my Photo Projects EjFord

      Download File of Slingshot, Shepard and Capital

    • Sam I love lots of the pictures yo do and I know that lots of the Guys and Gals do also and it is always nice to be able to get a super copy. Thanks Sam.