Old House and FunCycle on the Porch

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Folks, I got crazy with creating and put FunCycle on the Moon with an Astronaut and Snazzy. I thought, I could do something a little better and more real for a good old boy form South Carolina. Well, I thought real hard and thought I would show you all his little secret cabin in the woods. Takes his Slingshot and just chills out. He looks to be thinking of a good 300 mile trip ride. Let's all wish him a safe journey in this dreamland.

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  • Sam. This is the best one you have ever done.

    • Thanks you 123hotdog , I do appreciate the kind words. I feel I am just beginning, I will reach higher, due to the encouragement.

  • South Carolina I need to print some of these and frame them, at least this one and what was it the first one or the second one that you did. I just do not know how to do that.

    • I tried to find the other picture that I liked to show to Brenda and could not find it. I book marked this one

    • Just download the file to a memory card and take to Walmart or anyone that does photos. They can make any size you want.

      The picture file needs to be on a memory card to take it to them.

      You may be able to tell the Photo People at Walmart to capture the photo from our Forum Slingshotinfo Photo Gallery Section, tell them the photos you want made into a print. Resolution is not good enough for anything too big. They can help you decide what size will work.

      Let me know if you want the Project of you on the Moon with Spaceman and Snazzy.

    • I am not smart enough for all of that.

    • Just make your Cabin your desktop photo, or have someone to help you.