Members showing off their Slingshots with Castle

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I know none of these guys ever remember visiting this location. I took out the ugly old building behind them and give a background worthy of the members and their fine machines. We always spend time getting our Slingshots lined up for a great Shot and we can't do anything about the bad backgrounds that we are sometime stuck with. I am here to change that. Identify the members and let them know that have been in one of Sam Owens Creations. I am looking to create more of this with members showcased, keep watching, you may be next.

I deleted a previous shot of the guys with a mountain background. I saw a gross mistake in the background and went to this grand background, I think most are tire of the mountains.

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  • That is Elro21 on the left and the gentleman on the right was from New York. He came to East Tennessee to enjoy the roads. He is not a forum member yet.

  • So far EjFord identified 123hotdog and I am identifying Frank theTank in the shorts.