Spaceman on Moon Background With Snazzy

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This is my photo for Cycletrader ad for Snazzy.

Comments 4

  • Should attract a little attention....

    • I am sure it will stand out! I have one guy trying to find the funds. A dealer is showing a buyer my Slingshot. So things are happening.

    • Been great learning the many things that you have shared with the Slingshot community. Your photoshop skills have just been super. Very glad we had the opportunity to enjoy a meal together.

      Hope you can stay around and do more photoshop pics.....

    • I will continue, thank for you kind comments. Gail and I will always like to share a lunch or dinner as you travel in our area. Let us know when you plan to go through Gainesville. Link to my cycletrader ad.…LINGSHOT+SL+LE-5009668603