Slingshot Roadsters in the Poconos August 21st - 25th 2019 event.

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Slingshot Roadsters in the Poconos PA, August 21st - 25th 2019

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  • we are staying in the Best Western 2647 Route 715 in Tannersville which is about 2 mile from the host hotel but better ratings. I you guys want to get a hold of us call 215-313-4069 just make sure your caller ID is on.

  • Georgia and I will be in on Wed pm.... Don't tell the guys I'm trailering my Slingshot. Georgia wants to come along and 650 miles in the Slingshot just won't work. She can relax a little in the Navigator..

  • post meeting place details, etc when it gets closer.

    I'll probably ride my sling there. (about 600 miles)

  • We will be there I think a few other forum members too

  • is this happening?

    This would be much closer to me than the mayhem event


  • Were going to this next year! Plan on making every event in 2019 except Vegas.

    Going to retire December 31st 2019 might not get a chance to do it again.

    Been with the same company sense 1972 time to hang it up!