Peaks of Otter Run

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Okay, I mentioned doing a Peaks of Otter Run a week or so ago, but didn’t get the impression there was much interest. After this weekend at Slingshots Uncorked II, it seems there is more interest than I thought. No solid plans, routes or formality here, just looking to get a few folks together to ride. If you are available May 19th, and want to do a run, post up your participation status. We will solidify some details once we have an idea of group size and interest.

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  • I Hate to say this but I have to go to a wedding that day. Crap
    I am trying to convince Collet to go solo but it is not going over well.

  • Velma and I are looking forward to getting back in that area. Let's make this happen!!

  • Joan and I would love to ride up for the weekend.