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    So after a few weeks of internet searching, reviews, listening to different brands, and feedback. I decided to go with the MB Quart's Nautic marine grade speakers. My first criteria was the fidelity and musical reproduction of the speaker. I would consider myself an audiophile, music lover, and audio enthusiast.I listen to a varying array of music from Rap, Hip Hop, to 90's rock bands, to EDM dubstep electro house post-hardcore trap hip hop. In the past, MB Quart has been known for High End audio with crisp highs, strong mid range tones, and sometime very sharp upper range in their tweeters. I loved the fact that these speaker are waterproof, dust proof, snow proof or shock proof, you know that this product has been built to handle the outdoors. In consideration to the open air environment and high speeds these were factors that aided to my decision.

    Any reviewer will tell you that one of the most exciting parts is unboxing a new product for evaluation. It reminds me a bit of those

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