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    This doesn't really have to do with my build, but something that I feel passionate about and wanted it out there to be referenced and discussed.

    To all of our manufacturers out there and those that resell those products. Many of the items you are making are unique, but there is some competition in some of the spaces and guaranteed if you don't have competition now, if you have a good idea, there will be competition in the future.

    Business 101 tells us that you should have good customer service, and part of that is having detailed and good instructions on installation, use and troubleshooting of the product.

    I'm not going to call out the product/manufacturer in this article, but I recently received a product in, a mod that goes into the dash, and it literally had a single page, with one picture and two sentences on the install. It was a bad photo copy or bad print and looked like something a 12 year old would make. The product itself seems to be well made, but I have no clue

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    I didn't get any pics yet, was late last night, but got the parts in for a small mod, shifter change out. It's cosmetic, but I just didn't care for the feel of the stock shifter. Went cheap and bought a shifter adapter off of amazon and a cheap, pretty knob. The shift adapter seems to be well built, but did not fit my 2019 base. The slot where the shift shank from the transmission was not deep enough, so when you put the adapter over the shank, the hole for the allen lock bolt did not line up.

    Pulled off the shank (just had to remove the boot and it's another 5mm allen bolt that holds it on the tranny), used a hack saw to shorten and everything bolted back together.

    Between it not fitting without modification and it being a bit longer than I expected, I would not recommend that shift adapter. It does not shorten at all, just allows you put any standard knob.

    I've ordered the DDM short shifter as well, to give it a try. Everyone keeps saying I'll love it ^^

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    Planned mods, but I don't have the budget for just yet...

    I really like the Volk te37 SL Pressed black wheels but they are pricey and I'm sure I can find a similar design that is cheaper. I plan to stick with 18" wheels all the way around, and ideally, put the same 3 tires all the way around, of course, going wider with a 10.5 or 11" wide wheel. For tires I haven't decided yet, mainly a summer tire that is plenty sticky, and will research more once I'm ready to pull the trigger. Going to wait until the back tire needs to be replaced first.

    Forced air induction, but haven't decided on which one. I don't need insane amounts of power, but who knows once i get more comfortable with it. WIll cross that bridge when I get to it

    A keyless ignition because I'm lazy and like using a fob instead of a key

    Really wish the prices weren't so high on the Canadian light kit for the newer models, but, it's on the list.

    A comfortable ride, plus adjustment is important, so really wish I could

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    First, a big shout out to kev at https://allthingsslingshot.com/ for a quick reply to my questions, going above and beyond to help me save some cash, just wish I had found him sooner. Hindsight is 20/20, but he posts on the forums a lot, should have found him quicker.

    I ordered a Welter 2.5" Dual exhaust system and a 1320 Performance header v2

    Thanks again Kev.

    Next on order is a Twist Dynamics canvas top, Twist Dynamics adjustable 13" windshield and a finally a TD cold air intake all from https://slingshotonly.com/ They were very friendly, but a bit confused as to their own processes and kept telling me my order on a certain date, and then come back with a change, happened 3 or 4 times and was a bit frustrating. Also, they have a discount system for VIP, but you have to pay a fee and I don't see myself ordering that much in the long term, so go visit Kev, no fees.

    I don't think a slingshot can be without a pair of Meansling storage bags from no other place than

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