jluna's build

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of course added a bunch of more accessories no need to name all most are visible, ill start with electronics.replaced stock radio with the cms5 matched it with their marine amp hid everything in the rear fin , along with the radio i opened up the factory pods and replaced them with some polk audio marine grade component speakers, pods took some customizing but 95% of people have that issue.then ran a 6.5 in the ssv works pods i like the pods i would say work the money but the paint is wicked sensitive tends to peel easily or scratch.also added two 8 inch polk audio marine grade subs behind each seat.ran my own cameras and just put them on a switch to i can turn them on whenever needed. just found out about that little trick clarion mike posted.currently had my front camera hooked up to the video 1 input which is inconvenient, but its there. replaced head lights for leds, added the tricLed splitters, would love to add a fancy carbon fiber splitter but just not worth it in new england roads are terrible especially in Massachusetts. added the jump starting terminals and added the upgraded the battery to the yellow top optima.replaced the factory suspension with alpha non adjustable springs, I don't care much to adjust things like that on the road rather just set and forget. i have a life anyway so figured no need for the extra expense.replaced the factory tires with some toyo proxees. definitely a different ride.installed the ddm short shifter.and their fuel rail. i have the ported and polished throttle body and intake manifold, and of course as you can see on the pictures running alphas turbo with most current 2 bar tune along with their turbo style headers . feels like I've been in the shop more than I've been driving but definitely all worth it. i feel like i enjoy my slingshot so much more knowing i got to do all the work myself. :):) .so much done but still feel like theres so much more so get done before i think i will be fully satisfied . some times i feel like what did i do to myself :00008862: