New windshield, Seat Harness, shocks and some more color

The very first mod I ordered for my SS was a Madstat/Twist 13" adjustable windshield My base 2019 didn't have one at all, and riding in January without a shield wasn't an option, not even here in Texas.

I like the windshield, but after I've used it for 3k + miles, I've figured out the drawbacks to it and wasn't a fan of how straight up and down it stood. Even adjusting it all the way down, the better half (boss) felt we had too much air coming in.

After seeing the Nascar windshield, I felt it was worth a try. Also, since I had the base model SS, I didn't get a stock windshield center brace, so added a DDM Windshield Mount



I love how this follows the lines of my top's roll bars.

Here is a comparison showing the Madstat and how straight up and down it is compared to this one


Added a Assault Industries 2in H-Style 5 Point Racing Harness and some good old fashioned 4" grip tape from amazon to help the floor boards. I busted it pretty good a few weeks ago due to the dust that accumulates and makes it pretty slick getting in and out. Read on here that someone had used grip tape on the floors and while I had a seat out tonight, I cleaned it pretty good and applied the tape once it had dried.



Also, just in case it helps someone else out, I BADLY assumed that the Assault harness was a pair... yes, I'm an idiot, now stop laughing so much... I've ordered a 2nd one

Added some color on a few things from mytoy I missed people at Kerrville, so figured I'd put my name more prominent on the SS. DECALS FOR ROLL HOOP




Mytoy is awesome, be sure to check out his store. I was really happy to receive a gift from him as well!

Cam adjuster cover


Rear double nut cover


Thanks buddy, means a lot!

I finally bit the bullet and got some DDM Works triple adjustable coilovers and had them custom painted to match my theme.



Also, added some Baker Side Wings from kev to help control airflow. With the new Nascar windshield, wanted to control air a bit better. Kev wasn't sure if I needed the side wings or the windshield wings, with the windshield and the TD soft top with roll bars, and we gambled, wrongly. I ordered the windshield wings first, and the roll bars got in the way. Baker swapped them with no problem at all and had them to me quick!


Astute people will notice that double nut cover changed colors part way through, this post was a work in progress over a couple of weeks, and I rattle canned it with some Kawa Green. It's not a perfect match with the Dragon Green, but it's close enough for me. I'll get it properly powder coated one day.