Digital Guard Dawg bypass

I recently installed a Digital Guard Dawg Keyless Ignition Kit and love it. Short story, it has a bypass code and if you don't know about it, you need to change it.

Long story : In discussions about the old key and the cover for it, someone mentioned that you didn't need to keep the old key or use their optional harness to keep the key as well, since the Ignition kit has an Emergency Bypass Code to energize the unit and start the SS without having the fob.

I was told that it was on page 16 of my manual. Looking at my manual, and the one they have for download, I don't have a page 16, goes up to 9...

Looking at all of their manuals for download, none go up to 16.

So, I asked my fellow forum members to send me a copy and SlingLow sent me his, showing his default code along with how to use it and how to change it.


This turned out to be my default code as well, I was able to energize the car for starting, as well as change my code.

So, check your manual, change your code. I suspect that there are only a few default codes shipped (1 - 9 only, two digits, 81 combinations, and higher code numbers are probably not used for default, my guess on this)