Lights and hood hinge

As every owner knows, the stock headlights on the SS are horrible. Many choose to add the Canadian kit to add two more bulbs and other choose to replace the bulbs with LED, or both.

I went with the latter, I drive a lot of back woods at night returning from trips back home and we have problems with deer, cattle and pigs being on the roads, plus other critters like raccoons, possum and armadillo.

The 2017 and higher aren't as easy to add the Canadian kit, since you need new shrouds. I went with the TricLED kit from Slingmods since it seemed to have better reviews. Install is easy, but I'm not a fan of the mount for the new light, only 1 bolt, no adjustment if you need to and it seems to shake a lot, since it only has 1 bolt. there is at least one more bolt mount on the SS frame on my 2019, they could have engineered the bracket to use it. Just my opinion, I'm sure there was a reason.

For the bulbs, I replaced with LiteYourSlingz LEDs that have a lifetime warranty. They are great lights and a good cost I think. My only complaint is that they don't come with instructions. The two center ones are easy, plug and play similar to how a car's bulbs swap. The outside ones are odd, due to how Polaris wired them. For these, you can follow any install guide on how to remove the old bulbs, but then you need to cut out a hole in the rear of the rubber boot, about a dime sized hole, and pull the LED driver box out through it, leaving the wiring connections inside. The Blue wire on these LED's are the power, so it goes to the yellow Polaris wire, and the white is ground. Kyle was great trading emails and talking me over the phone on how to connect them, awesome customer service.


Next up was ZZP's hood hinge kit. Easy install (as long as you pay attention to which side is which, ask me how I know :). Alignment of it needs to be done before you put the hood back on, simply close it with the bottom mount bolts loose to make sure the hood latches and is aligned.

Support is awesome with Kyle, answering all of my questions. He even offered to help me over the weekend with a minor issue I'm running into, but I'm in no rush, may just meet him up at MV and get some hands on training.


Hit me up if you have any questions.