Hood buttons - really cool and functional mod

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I have to start out this post saying that I am totally impressed with Phil Ward AKA @mniron and his hood buttons

At higher speeds the fenders if my Slingshot vibrated and moved which kind of freaked the wifie out a little. I was thinking about how to stabilize them without taking away from the lines or making it look funny. I came across Phil on FaceBook and Messaged him back and fourth - I called him and he was super helpful so I told him I would buy his gen 3 hood button kit when it became available (I like to spend my money with the little guys). He messaged me when he got his kit together and I sent him money (most places don't follow up so I was impressed with that)

The kit came and it was Awesome - it had the right size hole saw, a punch and his special template - I did not get a pic of the 15 pages of instructions in color - It amazes me the companies that send instructions in black and white and you cant make out the pictures - it did not require any specialty tools (which was a bit of a bummer because I am always looking for an excuse to buy more tools)

It kind of freaks me out drilling holes in the light brackets and the hood

did I mention it freaks me out to drill holes in the hood? but Phil's instructions and template are spot on

It is too late to change your mind now...
The pins are easy to install and i like how Phil compensated for the different angles to make it easy to adjust

Super satisfied with the results - fenders don't move at all and it looks really nice

There are some other steps that i did miss documenting in my pictures, sorry

I did have to speed test them to 90 MPG and no movement... the wifie did loose her visor

I feel it was a great value and a fairly easy mod - Phil's instructions are great

His contact info @mniron on this forum
email pjward1707@hotmail.com

if anybody has any questions feel free to reach out to me