A little battery project

Took the battery panel off and needed to do some work back there
What a mess and really how would I ever get jumper cables in there

bought a fuse block and some other parts to clean it up a little - Hate the color of the frame - custom red overspray

Applied a little paint - basic black

Cleaned up the wiring a bit - added an Anderson plug for the jumper posts

Had to make a few wires - but got an 18 inch ground wire to replace the 8 inch factory one

Put all the fuses in and Cleaned up the battery - do like the Optima red top battery

Installed the battery -everything fit nicely - I like the the battery tray/hold down (it came with my sling)

Installed the Anderson plug to the back cover - stainless hardware - added a USB charger too
Why a USB charger you ask?
While sitting next to my Sling in a lawn chair at a car show it will be nice to keep my phone charged plus it was only $16

I think it turned out pretty cool - the USB charger has a voltage meter in it -

I do want to replace the plastic fasteners with nutcerts so that I use the same Polaris torx bit screws as the other ones on the cover

If you want my list of parts I ordered most of the stuff off Amazon