Epiphany Realization

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We, like some others, thought that we would keep the Slingshot stock for the most part. Looking back today, I'm not sure why we thought that - perhaps because we don't mod our daily drivers the way we have been mod'ing the Slingshot.

Karianne and I live just outside of Madison, Wisconsin. A tiny little community of less than 3,000 - Belleville. A little community that might remind many of the place the grew up. Everyone knows EVERYONES business, no fast food, a greasy spoon diner - a place where many still don't lock their doors at night.

For the most part Karianne and I have lived in Wisconsin the majority of our lives. Karianne works for the Dane County Sheriffs Department as a civilian in the County Jail - she done this for over 25 years. Me, I've worked in the insurance business for nearly 30 years .... nothing exciting, mainly group insurance for Wisconsin public schools and municipal employers We both find our jobs fulfilling (and certainly frustrating at times) when we can help those who help and serve our friends, family, neighbors, and fellow Wisconsinites.

We love the Green Bay Packers and the Milwaukee Brewers but there is a special spot in our hearts for the University of Wisconsin at Madison (UW) - the Wisconsin Badgers. Whether you're a football or a hockey fan - soccer, volleyball, baseball, softball or even soccer fan the UW has a team that will make you proud. The streets of Madison run red anytime there is a home game as EVERYONE loves the UW. Back to the Badgers (Bucky is our mascot) in a moment.

I have two daughters. Brianna, my oldest, works at the UW Children's Hospital helping little children get through surgery and chemo and all other sorts of things that make my heart hurt but I am thankful she is there to help them. My youngest, Emma, works for a different insurance company. Emma brought into the world, AJ, my first grandson, right after the new year. I love my girls and would do anything for them but this thread is about our Slingshot and not our family.

When we got our 2016 Polaris Slingshot SL home we noticed that the color match to Bucky Badger was incredibly close. We knew we wanted to pay a little homage to our local university but just weren't sure how to bring it all together. Like and good Badger Backer, we had a few static stickers around and started to place them on the Slingshot - and we liked it.

We knew we were on to something - but we just didn't know how to pull it off ...... yet. Seems like the realization of an epiphany doesn't it?

While we let that thought percolate - the next set of mods arrived.

Next up was the Canadian Headlight Conversion

And the Side Mirror Turn Signals

The Swing arm Mud/Rock Guard was added

(Photo from Slingmods)

We needed to add the PRP Passenger Side Storage Cargo Net (it's like a second purse for Karianne)

(Photo from Slingmods)

Had to add the Electrical Connection License Plate LED Reflectors for better rear visibility ( ;) )

The Speaker Rings and Ulti-mat Fitted Carpet Mats had to be added

The Lower Brow LEDs and Headlight Halos (Angle Eyes) were next

Under the hood the Accessory Fuse Block was added

(Photo from Slingmods)

With the angle of the driveways and parking lots here in Wisconsin along with the (poor) condition of some of our twisty backroads we added the Alpha Skid Plate

The Glove Box LED was in order

The GloRyder Kit to dress up the wheels

Needless to say, more mods were ordered while install these - the financial planner, family, and Karianne are sure that the infection has taken over .... they might be right but the Slingshot looks sexier every time the infection kicks in