SSMI (Slingshot Modification Infection)

Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

With the infection fully taking over our vision of the Slingshot we just had to spend mo money and get a few things ...

We knew we were on the right track when coming out of a store we spotted a rainbow. We didn't realize that it was just pointing out to send the pot-o-gold to Slingmods!

Our first mods were easy - added the Assault Media Console Sun Visor (although we found this to be far too small and later added the Cycle Springs / Slingshot Only sun visor.

(Photo from Slingmods)

In no time flat, we had added the Mo-Door In-dash Garage Door Opener with the double door option so we could open the winter storage unit as well.

(Photo from Slingmods)

The Aluminum Adjustable Mirror Riser Kit was a great addition for us so that we didn't have to slouch down in the seats to check for LEO.

(Photo from Slingmods)

Added in the Break Flasher for a little fun (I think I told Karianne that I bought it for the "safety factor" 8o )

(Photo from Slingmods)

We are from Wisconsin and believe in buying local made when we can - then Wisconsin made - then Made in the USA. So we were SUPER EXCITED to find Alpha Powersports only a few hours up the road. Had to have a set of the Alpha Hood Brackets and the Alpha Transmission Dust Cover

(Photos from Slingmods)

Not bad for the first order of modifications but before I was through a second and third order were placed. More about those next time

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  • Still waiting on the big reveal! Not sure I can take the pressure!

    • 5 days to the reveal. I hate being without the Slingshot - especially when the weather is great and its a holiday weekend