SSMI (Slingshot Modification Infection)

With the infection fully taking over our vision of the Slingshot we just had to spend mo money and get a few things ...

We knew we were on the right track when coming out of a store we spotted a rainbow. We didn't realize that it was just pointing out to send the pot-o-gold to Slingmods!

Our first mods were easy - added the Assault Media Console Sun Visor (although we found this to be far too small and later added the Cycle Springs / Slingshot Only sun visor.

(Photo from Slingmods)

In no time flat, we had added the Mo-Door In-dash Garage Door Opener with the double door option so we could open the winter storage unit as well.

(Photo from Slingmods)

The Aluminum Adjustable Mirror Riser Kit was a great addition for us so that we didn't have to slouch down in the seats to check for LEO.

(Photo from Slingmods)

Added in the Break Flasher for a little fun (I think I told Karianne that I bought it for the "safety factor" 8o )

(Photo from Slingmods)

We are from Wisconsin and believe in buying local made when we can - then Wisconsin made - then Made in the USA. So we were SUPER EXCITED to find Alpha Powersports only a few hours up the road. Had to have a set of the Alpha Hood Brackets and the Alpha Transmission Dust Cover

(Photos from Slingmods)

Not bad for the first order of modifications but before I was through a second and third order were placed. More about those next time

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  • Still waiting on the big reveal! Not sure I can take the pressure!

    • 5 days to the reveal. I hate being without the Slingshot - especially when the weather is great and its a holiday weekend