Conception / Infection / Addiction / Friendship

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It was only a week after we picked up our super fast red Slingshot that the modification bug bit me hard.

We decided that the stock exhaust just wasn't throaty enough for us so we decided to go with the Bassani exhaust. We love it - just load enough that when you mash down on the peddle people know you are there but quite enough that you can drive through the neighborhood without everyone hating us more.

My financial advisor, my friends, my family, my neighbor, and even my therapist agree that this was the beginning of the SSMI (Slingshot Modification Infection). It doesn't have a long incubation period and the SSMI spreads exponentially through your vision of the Slingshot.

Like any good junky, I found several places that could satisfy my need for modifications - @slingmods and Slingshotonly. The next thing you know, I had an account and my credit card on file. And like any good enabler they made sure I got my "stuff" quickly and that it was primo stuff.

Next was the F4+5 windshield, a fuze block, and some lower brow lights.

it was only a week or two after that (June 4, 2016) that I found a place to "feed" my need for modifications. A place where the members were innovative. A place were many members were as addicted as me (some even more so). A place where EVERY member was helpful. A place where eventually I would have the privilege to meet dozens of my fellow addicts. A place filled with laughter, information, friendship, and true comradery. Thank you my friends