When a Woman Meets a Slingshot

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And now, for the rest of the story .....

It all began April 20, 2016 and it was all done on April 23, 2016.

Karianne was driving by a Polaris dealership in Madison after taking a different route home due to traffic. Low and behold she spotted a Slingshot sitting in the lot - it was love at first sight.

She came home that evening and said "we have to buy a Polaris Slingshot". I told her that she was nuts - we didn't know anything about them, what their performance record was, or anything else for that matter. She just smiled and told me I have to see it and then I would understand. On April 23, she picked up her fast red slingshot that was made in Spirit Lake Iowa in January 2016 and boy was she was in love!

I'm pretty sure she didn't hear a word the Salesman had to say while he was going over all of the features with her. It didn't matter - she knew that trading in her Harley trike for the Slingshot would get us riding together and in a style that she was excited about.

First thing we did was show it off to my parents - my mother couldn't understand it and my dad was ready to drive it

The off to see my nephews - who like, most thought it was the coolest thing ever and want to go for a ride

It was that day that started us on the path to Slingshotinfo.com.

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  • you have me on the edge of my seat!

    • If our luck turns around then Tuesday night we will have the Bader Badger in our garage

    • Dr. Shawn called from Nielsen Memorial Hospital to let us know that the patient is NOT ready. We've planned a forcible removal of the patient for Thursday June 1st with the Bader Badger now being born on June 2nd

    • Best of luck!