Braxton Hicks?

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In grand anticipation, of the soon to be released Bader Badger, about a week ago we dropped off the Slingshot at Nielsen Enterprises (Memorial Hospital) in Lake Villa, Illinois. She needed her recall work done (including a change to ultra fast red swing arm from the stock grey) and some extra pre-birthing TLC (like the Polaris security system).

Unfortunately, a call from Dr. Shawn (Chief Mechanic) at Nielsen Memorial Hospital stopped us in our tracks. While preparing to preform the swing arm replacement a leak was found in the rear. Additionally, the pinon was rusted and corroded. The doctor says parts are on the way - but there is no way to know if they will arrive today or in ... well you know ... two weeks.

Dr. Shawn did say that the install pieces from Dr. @Painter (Chief of Paint Wizardry) were absolutely beautiful and were an incredible addition to the Slingshot.

A quick call to the birthing suite to let them know that we wouldn't be coming in Tuesday and that Bader Badger did not have an ETA was a solemn moment in the house.

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  • Well that sucks!

    • Just got a call from Dr. Shawn. Part is in and chances are good (60/40) the patient can come home on Sunday.

    • While she will be ready to come home (fingers crossed), the Physicians Assistant forgot to relay THREE MESSAGES about how to prep the patient ---- arrrrrgggggg. We'll we will get her home and deal with the other stuff at a later date ...... just such an inconvenience when we are two hours away and both of us are so busy right now that it is hard to find a time to get it there or pick it up. Good news is that chances are high to have her back in time for the birthing

    • You are on my watch list!

    • Ohh brother, trust me, everyone is going to see her. May not like her, but she cannot be ignored